Sinful Blow Dry Bar



Coloring your hair should be a fun and enjoyable experience. If you are hesitant because it’s your first time, or you are considering a new color or style change, relax… You’re in good hands with the professionals at Sinful Blow Dry Bar. Here’s a few tips to help prepare you for your next visit to the salon.

Bring photos of the colors and styles you are interested in. Our stylist will work with you to ensure you’re both on the same page before the coloring begins. Your inspirational photos will help the stylist get a better understanding of the exact look you want. Be open to your stylist’s input as well, they are the experts and know best what works and more importantly, what won’t. They will evaluate the condition of your hair, look at your skin tone, and create a custom color formula that best fits your unique self.

It’s also good to tell the stylist about yourself and any prior color services you have used in the past few months. Your personality can be expressed through your hair color, and visa versa.  And any previous hair treatments will help determine the best path forward for your new color and style choice.

Finally, ask lots of questions if you are still curious about a certain look, color, or style option. We are always happy to educate our clients about color choices and techniques. It’s what we do for a living, and we love doing it.

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