Sinful Blow Dry Bar



Here’s a few professional hair styling gadgets and accessories designed to make our life easier; yours too.  Our shortlist of secret weapons are as follows.

Duckbill Clips

These lightweight, slightly curved, usually aluminum, thin hair clips are one of the most versatile hair styling tools in the stylist’s toolkit. Perfect for when you’re sectioning hair while styling, or securing it crease-free while doing your makeup.

Brush Cleaner

Yes, an actual cleaner. With the price of a good brush these days being so high, we make sure they last as long as possible by keeping them clean.  Don’t use a regular comb to clean your brush. This will damage the boar-hair bristles and weaken the nylon that is used to support the brush.

Blow dryer and Attachments

Just as important as the scissors, a good blow dryer will dry hair more quickly, cause less damage, which results in smoother, shinier hair.  The right attachments will help direct the flow of air to control frizz by not just blowing every which way. A diffuser is also a must have for any type of hair texture.

Round Brush

Yup, another brush makes our short list because these two-inch diameter vented brushes allow air from your blow dryer to breeze right through the vents and dry your hair much, much faster.

Quality Comb

Every hair stylist carries at least one, if not multiple, high-quality combs in their tool kit.  The good combs are molded, and made from silicone or nylon. These material, when manufactured properly, do not leave any sharp edges. The sharp, rough edges on low quality combs are what creates the texture and unwanted frizz. Use a good quality comb to help you comb your hair smooth and section it too.

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